Out of the Ashes

by The Last Alliance (US)

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released February 28, 2011

Lead Vocals-John Ryan
Lead/Rhythm Guitar-John Ryan
Lead/Rhythm Guitar-Chris Montalbo
Bass Guitar-Ryan Berg
Drums-Joe Murawski

Recorded/Mixed by Ryan Berg
Mastered by Ernie Jackson



all rights reserved


The Last Alliance (US) Queens, New York

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Track Name: Fear 'N Bullets
My Honor is forsaken
My loved ones are Lost
Ripped from my loving arms
By the ones who accost
Cloaked in Black
I return at last
Greeted by Wings I stand aghast
Memories gone
Only anger and Dread
I dream in blood red Can’t wake up
I’m already Dead

Visions so clear
Painful Demise
Sorrowed Reminder
Right before my eyes
Hate consuming soul
Swallowing me whole
Reclaiming justice the lives that you stole
Hard to suppress
My wrath Unchained
Seeking Vengeance
On Those you have slain
One by one they fall
Men with Tainted souls
On the Night of Devils
An Angel Takes his Toll

Retribution I need to Feed
To make my enemies hurt and Bleed
All my hatred realize
Fear and Bullets are All I need

Tormented Mind
Vengeance won’t life
Fear left behind
Insanity’s Gift
Eye for an Eye
Tooth for a Tooth
Heartless destruction
I seek the Truth
Terror is real
Sadness is true
For Retribution
I’ll see it though
One by one they Fall
Men with Tainted Souls
On the Night of Devils
an Angel takes his Toll

Chorus 3X
Track Name: Keeper of Asgard
All I can See and hear is Evil Gods (Surrounding Me)
I don’t Know What Strength Lies within my (immortal Body)
Asgard my Home My Land Lies in Flames (Forever More)
Will I die on this Field Today? (No)

Solitude My Only Hope The desolation
(Fills the Sky)
God of thunder Where are you the Battle’s Lost (Valhalla Beckons)
Hatred it fills my heart corrupts my dreams
(destroys my Faith)
Is there Hope in Insanity? (NO)

Keeper of the Line (Fallen)
Leader of the Nine (Broken)
Fear left behind (Chosen)
Enemies Lie Deep Inside

Here lies the Precious plain the sacred Land
(of my own people)
Banished now Forever More The Gate is Locked
(I’m on the Outside)
Thrones Seat forgotten Gods Their final Fate
(To Rule No More)
Will my land be Returned to me (NO)

Keeper of the Line (fallen)
Leader of the Nine (Broken)
Fear Left Behind (Chosen)
tribute for the fallen Gods

Keeper of the Line (fallen)
Leader of the Nine (Broken)
Fear Left Behind (Chosen)
Enemies Lie Deep In Side (Fear Left Behind)
Track Name: Heaven's War
Warriors Gathered Here Fear not
Your Destiny Calls to you Now
Faithful Servant Betrays Me
His blood will be spilled at my feet

Wings Dipped in Blood Holy Warriors
Fight in the name of our Lord
Unholy Lucifer Traitor
Turn Your Back Dishonor Me

Tear Heaven Apart
God’s Broken Heart
All Hope is Lost
Fall into Darkness Now

Loyal I’ve been Cast Down Servant
I will no longer serve you
Soulless no burden Just Vengeance
Rip you away from your Throne

Track Name: King of Thieves
I live my Life in Shadow
Haunted by Everlasting Sorrow
Exiled and Shunned as a Burden
Banished to Sand and Echoes

Find me in Darkened Palace
Tyrants adorned in Malice
Riches I take at my Leisure
They will be Mine Forever

Whispers in the Sand
(Never Seen Never Heard)
Blood that Stains your Land
(Broken Life Forgotten Word)
Fortune Lies at Hand
(Never Seen Never Heard)
Wisdom Of the Damned
(I wear the crown I got the throne my kingdom stands on flesh and Bones)

Demons are not worse than Me
This I have taught you you see
Now you will know my Name
Hail to the King of the Thieves (Hail)

Whispers in the Sand
(never Seen Never Heard)
Blood that stains your Land
(Broken Life Forgotten Word)
Fortune Lies at Hand
(never seen Never Heard)
Wisdom of the Damned
(I’ll Take your Life I’ll Take your soul Now your left with Flesh and Bones)
Track Name: March of Darkness
Here on the Field we stand
Amidst the Blackened Lands
The Final Battle’s drawn
It’s calling you
Who here has will to fight?
To Stand against the night
To face ultimate fear
And Whole Dismay
Dark Creatures form up ranks
Foul Beasts make up the flanks
Their End is drawing near
There will be no Tomorrow

A Sight that’s so unreal
Alliance Born of Steel
Dwarf, Elf, and Human Kind
Unite as One
The Dark Lord Comes at last
To End what’s come to pass
His Wrath cannot be quelled
All is Lost

The End of our Age
Fighting the Last Fight
The Darkest of Days
All Hope has left the Land
Deceit has brought us here
Where darkness stains the Light
All Forces Join as one
Our Age is nearing end
Armies left without hope
Welcome to the place where The End of Time
Has Just Begun!

Verse 3:
The Field Lies empty now
Man’s King is dead but how
His Heir restores the peace
And Seals their fate
What becomes of us now?
Carry on or break the vow?
Our fates control the lives of all our kin
The Danger has not passed
How long can the peace last?
His spirit still lives on
He Will Remain
Till the End of (Time)

The End of our Age
Fighting the last fight
The Darkest of days
All hope has left the land
Deceit has brought us here
Where darkness stains the light
Our Forces Join as one
Our Age is at its end
Armies Left, without hope
Welcome to the place where the end of time
Has just begun.
Track Name: The Grey One
I am lost to Time
Nothing left but sorrow
Can’t turn the page beyond our age
No Courage left to borrow
Danger lies ahead
Doom dwells behind
Home and country are the things
Furthest from my mind

Never asked to be this way
Trapped in total dark
Quest is halted for a time
Our Destination’s marked
Twilight Hall’s awakening
Dwarven World Held dear
So Close Now the Bridge is Near
There’s Nothing left for Us to fear
No one Left to Fear

Fire and Ash
Ancient Demon’s Rise
Devil within
Durin’s Bane

Enter the Hall
Never to Return
Battle to Death
The Grey One Falls
Track Name: Out of the Ashes
Out of the Ashes and Into the Sky
Born of a Bloodline destined to Survive
Nations and Countries they All Know our Names
Crushing our enemies leave Cities in Flames
Ancient Creatures held on High
Long forgotten in the mists of time
When the past shall live again
Behold the Beasts Their wings malign
But never fear their visage hides a noble heart
That is Divine

Fires left blazing and scorching the lands
Champions have fallen and armies disband
Thousands have perished in foolish Crusade
Questing for Glory at the Edge of their Blade
Ancient Creatures held on High
Long forgotten in the mists of time
When the past it lives again (again)
Behold the Beasts Their wings malign
But never fear their visage hides a noble heart

Soaring the Skies (no More)
The last of his Kind
Soon he’ll depart
And leave this world
Without a Guide
The Flame burns no more

The Flame still Burns
Within You Now
Track Name: The Dawn
Finding it Hard to breathe again
Memories of Long Lost Friends
Trying to Stand on My own feet
Waiting to face my destiny
Regret begins to settle in
Finding grief in all my sins
Must find the strength to carry on
All of my tears leave with the dawn

Harken the words of yesteryear
What I’ve become is oh so clear
Standing with fate now side by side
From truth there is nowhere to hide
And nothing I cannot comprehend
All the old wounds I cannot mend
Ending my time here as a Pawn
All of my scars leave with the dawn

Finding Truth in all my soul
Ending my sorrow
Staring at the Brink of Time
Forever is Now

All I ever wanted was
To be remembered
Stop and reminisce some time
And I’ll be there for you
Picture me waiting up for you
I’ll be there at Dawn
I’ll be there at Dawn
I’ll be there at Dawn
I’ll be there at Dawn

All of my Scars
Leave with….
Track Name: Necropolis
We Are the Thing you Fear
We are the ones that go bump in the night
Terrorize your very sanity
Leave you in a state of fright
Cold sweat running down your back
We are the source of your panic attack
Hear the voices fade away
We are the hunters and you are Prey

Take Heed
This is your final Breath
No Life
In the void of Death
Sleep Well
Soon you shall see
The city of the Dead

No matter where you hide
No place can keep you safe
Wicked Ways we will abide
Your Fate Lies in a Grave
To Gaze upon this land
Is to taint your very soul
Dead faces in the sand
Maw gaped to swallow you Whole

Track Name: The Sorcerer's Vision
Oh What visions I have seen
In the days gone by in the realm of dreams
From Barren Wastelands to Forest Glade
To the desert plains with forgotten Names
The stars I’ve read to predict their fates
From the fall of kings to what hell awaits
But of my fate the cosmos bear no sign
Save the empty blackness overwhelming Me
The Mystic Arts that have forsaken Me
(Numbered are my Days)

Twilight Upon me And soon night will fall
Never have I failed my powers Beyond Man’s reach
The Heavens Bear No Sign of my Destiny

A Thousand Lifetimes I’ve walked this earth
Guided by a hand that remains unseen
The masters I’ve served have used my knowledge well
To Engage in war in the name of King & Queen
To hear my voice is to unlock the door
To embrace the void beyond what is perceived
Yet here I stand Withered and decayed
Time the only enemy I cannot slay
My only Burden is to fade away
(Never to Return)


Dark is the world I see before my eyes
My endeavors failed just as I prophesized
The end is near I can feel it’s close
How can I forsake this world I love so Dear
All hope is gone from here I’ve lost my will
Behold the hourglass the sands have disappeared
My final Hour is devoid of Cheer
Was this doom engraved upon my stars?
(Never Realized)

Is this my end?
To pass beyond the dream of Life and death the world unseen
(But now I implore you)
Are you the one?
To carry on my task Achieve the goal I failed to act
(To Live on Forever)
Why Must it be Now
So much is left undone so much that’s not begun
Rarely are we prepared
To take our final bow to read our final Vow
(My Sorcery is No More)
Track Name: The Name of Vengence
No one Hears the cries of the innocent
As they fall straight to Hell
No my name is that of vengeance
You will come to know me well
Fear of death I bring it with me
Resting on the end of my barrel
Your last breath it comes so quickly
Final sight you see is me

On Your Knees
Face your Destiny
By the Hammer of Justice
Your Fate is sealed with me

Here he stands once thought to be Mortal
Punishment I now Pursue
Wife lies dead his daughters too
You better hope and pray he don’t find you


Now I hear the Cries of the innocent
Evil men they know me well
They cry my name the Name of Vengeance
As I send them Straight to Hell
Fear of Death it follows With me
Standing tall atop my Barrel
Your last breath it comes so quickly
Final sight you see is me

Chorus 2X